why move when you can just improve?

Home Additions

Let’s talk new home additions

    We believe that putting an addition on to your home gives you and your family the best of both worlds. You’ll get to stay in the home that you already live in and improve its value at the same time. New home additions can be any shape or size, and it also gives you the chance to add some creativity onto your home.

    Different types of additions can elevate a space’s floor plan which gives you something to brag about.

    There are four main categories when it comes to adding an addition onto your new home



    Room Additions

    When we talk about room additions, generally speaking this is a smaller construction project that can give you extra space, without the expense of adding on a full blown addition. This type of addition is also considered a bump out addition. It adds on to an already existing room and can give you the option of extending a room so that you can have more of an area to add an extra bookshelf, or rearrange furniture. Buy a bigger bed or even add in a master bathroom. 

    Conventional Home Additions

    Larger scale home additions could mean building up or out. It is a longer process, but your return on the investment of your home usually tends to double and even triple in some cases depending on your area geographically. Regardless of what kind of addition you are choosing to build, you’ll have to obtain a permit from your town before you begin the build. 

    Sun Rooms or Porches

    A porch or sunroom is an enclosed area that is typically closed off from the rest of the house by either a slider or the main door.  The materials used to create this kind of room are not as hardcore or concrete as they would be for a normal home addition. The kind of materials that we typically would tend to use are aluminum, pre-fabricate metals, and thermal resistant glass. 

    Garage Conversions

    Adding a garage to your home can be a great benefit because it allows you to create a multi-purpose area. A garage will typically look like a two-car or a three-car garage space, but you don’t necessarily have to park your car in it. A garage can be used as a working room, holding your workbench and tools, you could convert it into a guest house, another bedroom, or even a larger living room/entertainment space.